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Intelligent Trading Tools
To Change Your Future.

The client ask: We are a completely new style of trading firm, attracting a much younger crowd, create us an identity that speaks to them.

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We find Alpha Brand ID doc.png

Most would say this is life-changing...

In a world where traditional boundaries are fading and new opportunities are emerging at every turn, we stand as the architects of change, empowering a new breed of investors in what we herald as 'The Neo-Digital-Nomadic-Era'. We don't just offer investments; we present a gateway to unprecedented financial freedom. Much like Revolut redefined banking, we redefine investment. Our suite of tools isn't just about transactions; it's about transformation. We're not bound by conventional labels; we're trailblazers in the realm of intelligent trading. Our mission? To equip our clients with the means to seize high rewards with unparalleled precision, all while mitigating risk to the bare minimum. This isn't just life-changing; it's the dawn of a new era in wealth management.

FOR WEB We find Alpha Brand ID doc.png
FOR WEB We find Alpha Brand ID doc.png


The Neo-Digital-Nomadic-Era

Traits & Characteristics:

More conservative with their cash choices. The majority are saving to achieve their long-term financial goals in an era of financially savvy people. Feel overwhelmed by all the investment choices. Low confidence in their ability to invest and expect to outperform the market.


What Appeals to them:

Primary focus on experiences and memories. Be inclusive and welcoming to all people. Show the opportunity in your offering Empower them through, customisation and tailored offerings The feeling of individualism

FOR WEB We find Alpha Brand ID doc.png
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Self-Discovery: Just as investment managers seek alpha to distinguish their portfolios from the market, individuals seek to uncover their unique qualities, passions, and talents that make them distinct from others. 


Purpose and Fulfillment: Finding your alpha philosophically means identifying your purpose or calling in life. It's about recognizing what brings you fulfillment, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose. 


Embracing Individuality: Philosophically, finding your alpha encourages you to embrace your individuality and authenticity. 


Continuous Growth: Just as financial managers constantly seek to enhance their portfolios and generate alpha, individuals can view the journey of finding their alpha as an ongoing process of self-improvement and personal growth. It's about striving to become the best version of oneself.


Resilience and Adaptation: Like financial markets, life is unpredictable and dynamic. Philosophically, finding your alpha can also mean developing the resilience and adaptability to navigate the ups and downs of life, leveraging your strengths to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

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“Alpha" is commonly used in the world of finance and investment, particularly in the context of active portfolio management and trading. Alpha, in this context, represents the measure of an investment's performance relative to a benchmark index or market average. It is essentially a way to assess how much value a portfolio manager or trader has added to the investment returns beyond what could be expected from passive or index-based investing.

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Leverage the juxtaposition of both the neo-gen-investor & retail “unsuccessful” trader/newbie traders philosophical hooks - we can bring in “find your alpha” as our overarching theme, touching on key emotional hooks that we can drive our communications via.

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