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Jardins Serenos | Branding, Web & Social

Regenerative Landscaping


Jardins Serenos asked us to help them make some noise - to revamp their Lisbon-based startup and create a completely noise-free regenerative landscaping and green space consultancy brand. Our mission was to meld their eco-friendly standards with their corporate vision and values, while also maintaining a lively and engaging brand voice that spoke to both their conscientious customers and larger corporations.


We delved into the core of their company, getting to know their culture, offer and essence inside out. From this in-depth exploration, we crafted a communication framework that drove our creative process to construct a unique brand identity that not only stands out from the pack, but is consistently true to their values and produces genuine digital assets.



We are fanatical about improving our Earth through its foundation. 

We strive to rebuild, change minds & touch everyone's heart through their green spaces.

Our passion is to transfer your dreams into realities, without cutting any of the edges off.

And if we have to, we replant them to grow stronger and live longer.

We are curious, vigilant, eco-conscious & cost-driven experts here to help. 

We are aware of the need to save our sacred environment for our future. 

It is both sustainability & business that drives us. 

Our talent is both a science & an art. 

We are professional & sophisticated with a happy dash of “hippie’ness”.
(Acronym. Definition. HIPPIE. Helper In Promoting Peaceful Individual Existence :-) HIPPIE)

We don’t create, we regenerate.


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